Welcome to Irene Hill Massage Therapy

My objective is to provide caring pain relief to clients in need to promote wellness and health care using massage therapy as a natural, holistic and effective form of complementary healthcare, while maintaining a high degree of professionalism and respect towards my clients.

Massage therapy provides complementary health care to help alleviate discomfort associated with occupational stresses, athletic injuries, and many other chronic pain conditions. Massage is effective with painful conditions or injuries when they are acute or chronic. Effective healing is accomplished through specific hand techniques onto muscles, fascia, and the ligaments which surround joints. Massage therapy, applied to any soft tissues, will bring better health due to increased blood circulation, as well as improved lymphatic drainage of impurities.

Further treatments address fuller joint and muscle potential by including stretching and strengthening exercises appropriate for each person. Client education continues throughout the treatments to address activities or postural concerns.

Because massage therapy addresses the body as a whole, there is an overall sense of better health and well being.

YOU NEED TO BE DIFFERENT IF YOU ARE TO BE BETTER. This concept applies as much to the client's health as it does to Irene's style of work.